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Admission Policy for Learners

As a statutory chosen body, representing the parent community, the Governing Body is responsible for the regulation of the admission policy of this school. The principal in his capacity as member of the Governing Body, is responsible for the execution of this policy in practice. The Governing Body of Courtrai Primary formulated the admission policy with the following taken into consideration:

  • The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 (Act 108 of 1996)

  • The National Admissions Policy to an Ordinary Public School (National Policy) (Government Gazette 193 77 of 1998) as promulgated in terms of the National Education Policy Act, 1996 (Act 27 of 1996), as amended.

  • The South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act 84 of 1996), as amended.

  • The Western Cape Provincial School Education Act, 1997 (Act 12 of 1997)

  • Promotion of Access to Information Act (Act 2 of 2000)

  • Promotion of Administrative Justice Act (Act 3 of 2000)

  • The WCED policy for the Administrative Governing and Registration of Learners in Ordinary Public Schools

  • The Health and Safety Act.


A learner may be admitted to Courtrai Primary provided he/she and his/her parents are prepared to abide by the conditions as stated below:

1.1  The school will concentrate on the fundamental requirements in terms of value and norms of the parent community, and extend it.

1.2  Learners must identify themselves with the culture, tradition, convention, customs and ethical values of this parallel medium school, and honour it.

1.3  Only public holidays, as stipulated by legislation, will be acknowledged. Admission is dependent on the parents acceptance that during no other religious or political holidays the learners may be absent.

1.4  All instruction takes place through Afrikaans and English medium.

1.5  The curriculum as prescribed by the WCED will be followed.

1.6  Preference will be given to all applicants

1.6.1  whose parents were old scholars of this school.

1.6.2  whose brother or sister is a learner of this school/ who after completion went to a high school.

1.6.3 whose parent or legal guardian owns or hires property within the immediate locality of this school.

1.6.4. who enrol his/her child for teaching in their home language.

1.6.5 when classroom space and class capacity allows it.

1.7  In addition to the admission requirements, the Governing Body is committed to limiting the total number of learners for the school to 30 learners per class in grade 1- 7, and up to 90 learners per grade, of which 60 are primarily taught in Afrikaans and 30 will be be taught primarily in English. Grade R classes are limited to 1 Afrikaans class of 26 and 1 of 28 due to space limitations. In addition, provision is made for 1 English grade R class of 26 due to space limitations.

1.8 Any authority and power within the control of the Governing Body may be delegated to the principal.

1.9 Any stipulation may be altered if a two thirds majority of the Governing Body approves of such a modification after submission.


2.1  Learners who turn six within their year of admission will receive preference.

2.2  Learners who are not ready for formal education by October will have to apply for re-admission for the following year.


3.1  Learners who are turning seven and up to the age of 15 will receive preference to the primary school.

3.2  The age of the learner must be within two years of the average age of a particular grade.

3.3  Proof must be given of previous scholastic achievement before a learner, who comes from another school, could apply for admission to Courtrai Primary.

3.3.1  Learners will only be accepted provided they can keep up with the academic standard of this school.

3.3.2  The standard required, as pointed out in 3.3.1, will entirely depend on the discretion of the Governing Body.

3.3.3  Should a learner, according to the principal, not cope with the normal standard of education as practised in the classroom and set out in 3.3.1, the parents will be requested to let the learner do a standard evaluation test to determine whether he/she needs special education.

3.3.4  Learners who are entering a new phase will receive preference if proof is given of their standard of education as set out in 3.3.1

3.3.5 Learners who repeat a grade, do not have to reapply to the school.

3.3.6. Learners with special needs will be accommodated as far as possible through inclusive learning.

3.3.7 Learners with physical disabilities will be accommodated where practically possible.


4.1 Learners

  • Application needs to be done on the WCED platform – Application form of Courtrai Primary School
  • Report of previous school (if applicable)
  • Birth certificate
  • Clinic card (vaccinations)

4.2 Parents/Guardians

  • ID
  • proof of address

5.1 There will be no discrimination against learners whose parents are non citizens.

5.2 Rules as set out in circular 02/LEG of 2014 will be adhered to.

5.3 The following documents as issued by Home Affairs is required:

5.3.1 Permanent or temporary residence or proof that they have applied.

5.3.2 Work permit.

5.3.3 Refugees need to submit a certificate indicating refugee status/asylum seeker permit.


6.1  Parents whose children do not get admission will be placed on a waiting list. The school will keep a register of these learners.

6.2  Parents may appeal in writing to the Chairperson of the Governing Body who will consider the matter.

6.3  Alternatively, parents can appeal to the W.C.E.D.


7.1  Any deviations from the said policy must be approved by the Governing Body.

7.2  The date and time of the application is not a deciding factor when considering applications.