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The story of Courtrai Primary School was birthed in 1970 when it was established and grew to parallel-medium school in 1976. Today, the school functions as a co-ed duel-medium primary school for over 680 students from Grade R to Grade 7. 

The name Courtrai is gleaned from the original farms which belonged to the descendent of the French Huguenots. The specific school colours of blue and red emphasizes this French connection

The school badge was inspired by the coat of arms of the Flemish town of Kortrijk – formerly part of France. The red chevron in the badge is generally used as an identification symbol throughout the school. Three pearls decorate the chevron and represent the three rocks (permanence) on Paarl Mountain. The motto, Fide et Virtute, loosely translated, idealizes Faith and Courage.

The school is situated in an established residential area with a beautiful view of the valley and the Drakenstein Mountains.

Since 1983, after completion of extensions to the school buildings, we have all the modern conveniences necessary to educate our pupils in their entirety. Vast opportunities are offered to the learners to realize and develop their talents

Each learner is placed in one of three teams, namely Laborie (white), Picardie (red) and Altenburg (blue). This builds team spirit and a feeling of belonging amongst the learners in various fields.

Courtrai Primary regards close co-operation between parent and school as high priority to ensure the best for its learners. To foster this, regular contact between staff and parents is encouraged, and parents are invited to support our parents’ evenings and to attend functions faithfully.

Principal’s Welcome

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Courtrai Primary website.

The children entrusted to us are the central focus in all facets of Courtrai Primary, hence our vision of quality education for our learners an encouraging Christ-centred environment. In our educational task we concentrate on a balance between academics (primarily we are an academic institution), sport, culture and leadership development.

We do have high expectations and aim for excellence in everything we do and this includes academic Together with this we include spending time on healthy value systems, etiquette, neatness and responsible citizenship, everything based on Christian principles.

Another important facet in the holistic education of our learners is healthy discipline, based upon love, fairness and positivity. We work in partnership with parents to nurture our children and it is therefore expected of our parents to strengthen our hands in the task of education by laying the foundation of discipline at home.

Jan Brand

Courtrai Primary is a vibrant school founded on Christian principles and it is expected of everyone to respect them. Our aim is to deliver a quality curriculum that encourages our learners to reach their full potential.

The core of Courtrai’s spirit is perfectly captured in the school’s anthem. The song unites learners and induces confidence. The school song was written by Mr M.M. Walters, translated by Mr J.P. Gerber and set to music by Mr M. van Schalkwyk.

There is but one serene Valley

One ever shining rock

But just one Primary School to find

Our pearl and our pride

and sturdy as the grey granite

such is our school COURTRAI

Our pupils will ne’er fail or fall

when storms enrage on high

Vide et Virtute! Vide et Virtute!

This is our bright banner

we are of Hugenot Descent

Courtrai Victorious