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School Rules and Code of Conduct:

As a proud Courtraier who wants to command respect, I shall, with the support of my parents/guardians, subscribe to the following rules with regard to neatness:

  • To maintain all forms of neatness on my person and on school uniforms, baggage, sportswear and books allocated to me.
  • Not to follow fashion trends in respect of hairstyle, hair colour, the wear of bracelets or ear rings, clothes, etc.
  • To care for the neatness of my school building and grounds: therefore I shall not litter, or damage school property.

As a proud Coutraier my conduct must always contribute to the positive image of my school and myself. With the support of my parents/guardians, I undertake to abide by the following principles of decent behaviour:

  • I shall abide by the set times and dates for attendance at school and will adhere to them punctually.
  • At the first bell I will line up in an orderly manner until being given permission to enter the building. (On rainy days I may line up quietly in the corridor in front of my classroom)
  • I will walk quietly in lines and on the left-hand side of corridors. In order to protect the walls and for safety reasons, I shall carry my school bag in the hand away from the wall.
  • I shall refrain from any action that will dishonour my school’s name. As a Courtraier my conduct will comply with the set and socially accepted norms.
  • Acting in a positive manner to benefit everyone in class.
  • I shall not leave the school grounds without the permission of the principal or his delegate during official school hours. even if my property, for example a ball, ends up outside the fence.
  • If I have been absent from school, my parents/guardians will contact the school and give an explanation on my return to school. If a learner has an infectious disease he/she must stay at home until fully recovered.
  • I shall act responsibly when participating in extra-mural activities and towards fellow learners and staff. I shall apologize personally to the relevant staff member if I cannot attend a practice. I realize that it is courteous to make such an apology prior to the extra-mural activity, whenever possible.
  • I shall strive to give my utmost best in school activities and homework and will always try to hand my homework in on time.
  • I shall act responsibly when using a cell phone. It will be switched off and be in my school case between 07:45 and 14:10, including breaks. Only in case of an emergency, and with the permission of the principal, learners may use a cell phone during school hours.
    [The school accepts no responsibility and/or accountability for cell phones brought to school by learners.]

Respect is a key word for each member of Courtrai Primary. Therefore, with the support of my parents/guardians, I undertake to do the following:

  • I shall always show respect towards another person and his/her property. I know it is wrong to insult somebody else or to damage his/her property.
  • I shall show the required honour and respect towards my school, its ethos and buildings and shall not write on walls or desks, vandalize, ride roller-skates, rollerblades, skating boards or bicycles on the school grounds.

I realize that serious misconduct does not befit a Courtraier. Therefore I shall, with the support of my parents/guardians, avoid the following forms of misconduct that might lead to disciplinary measures against me:

  • Being in possession of any weapons, toys that can cause injuries, or any other object that can injure or harm anybody else in any way.
  • Throw around items like pens, rubbers, rulers that can cause injuries.
  • Being in possession of undesirable reading material.
  • Guilty of any form of theft or possession of stolen goods.
  • Exercise vandalism.
  • Being dishonest during assessment activities.
  • Being in possession of cigarettes, dependent forming drugs or alcohol.
  • Swearing, fighting , bullying or any form of defamation.
  • Leaving the school premises without the permission of the principal.
  • Any action that will bring dishonour to the name of the school, also when I represent the school at events.
  • Repeated transgression of the school rules or the Code of Conduct
  • Unauthorized access to marks and data files.

As proud Courtraiers my parents/guardian and I accept the above and agree to the following by completing the enclosed undertaking:

  • That I submit myself to all internal arrangements with regard to behaviour, discipline and order that are made by the principal and/or staff and/or Governing Board in order to maintain and enhance good order and discipline at the school.
  • That I shall honour and adhere to the Code of Conduct of Courtrai Primary School at all times.
  • That my parents submit themselves to all arrangements that are made for the implementation and maintenance of good order and discipline of the school and the safety of the learners and the staff.

Once a Courtraier, always a Courtraier!