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Courtrai Primary is a well-balanced school that also excels in school sports.  We offer a wide range of sport and believe that a primary school learner must be exposed to as many school sports as possible in order to develop a wide range of skills in the process.

Our extramural program tries to accommodate learners that would like to take part in more than one type of sport in a singular week. Learners can participate in Athletics, hockey, cricket, cricket, cross country, netball, rugby, chess, swimming or tennis.

At Courtrai we believe that culture plays an integral part of the development of our learners and therefore we encourage numerous different activities for our learners. Learners have the option of participating or joining the following:

CHOIR – Courtrai Primary boasts with a junior choir and a senior choir. Apart from events like choir festivals we also take part in the annual Eisteddfod competition in which we received Cum Laude in 2015.

CONCERT – Foundation Phase every 3rd year & Senior Phase every 4th year.

EISTEDDFOD – Every year between 50 en 100 learners take part in the Eisteddfod during the third term. This is the highlight of any learner wanting to put their talent on display and take part in the biggest arts competition for school learners in the country.